12th Dynasty Tattoo studio

12th Dynasty Tattoo studio
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12th Dynasty Tattoo Studio was established in 2014 by local artist Delon and is a professional and bespoke tattoo studio located in the heart of Swindon. The studio was founded with the intent to offer clients the privacy and attention typical of a private studio, reflecting Delon’s experience and vision.

The studio is not just a place for tattoos but also houses an art gallery space and a piercing studio, providing a comprehensive artistic and body modification experience. The team at 12th Dynasty includes a group of resident tattoo artists along with regular guest artists, ensuring a diverse range of styles and expertise.

12th Dynasty prides itself on being a custom studio where all artists have a background in both fine art and tattooing. This unique blend of skills allows the team to work closely with clients from the concept and design phase, developing personalised, one-of-a-kind pieces of art.

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